Vol 8, No 2 (2016)

Table of Contents

Research Article

Comparison of salivary Visfatin in patients with periodontitis and peri-implantitis in an Iranian population PDF
Mahdi kadkhodazadeh, Reza Amid, Maryam Torshabi, Niknaz Yahyazadeh, Navid Yousefi, Mehdi Ekhlasmand Kermani 37-42
Awareness and knowledge of patients toward dental implants as an option in replacing missing teeth: A survey in Kerman, Iran PDF
Omid Fakheran, Fereshte Moosaali 43-48
Stability analysis of implanted Ti and Zr-2.5%Nb in jawbone by finite element analysis PDF
Adel Pirjamali Neisiani, Mohsen Sarafbidabad 49-54
The effect of mini-implant design on peri-implantitis and pain level after insertion in orthodontic treatment: a prospective clinical study. PDF
Amir Mohammadi, Afsaneh Zarghami, Amir Houman Sadrhaghighi 55-59
Effect Of Local And Systemic Inflammation On Gingival Mesenchymal Stem Cells PDF
Ting Jing Kweh, Ru Yueh Tham, Jian Yee Gu, Ahsan Md Shahidul, Pulikkotil Shaju Jacob, Suan Phaik Khoo 60-66

Case Report

Surgical reconstruction of lost papilla around implant with a modified technique: A case report PDF
Mahdi Faraji, Andre Van Zyl 67-72
Pyogenic granuloma: Report of two cases with review of literature PDF
Ramanarayana Boyapati, Kotya Naik Maloth, Sam Sunder Salvadi 73-76

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