Published Articles in PubMed-indexed Journals from Tabriz University of Medical Sciences Faculty of Dentistry

Negin Ghasemi, Saeed Rahimi, Shahriar Shahi, Hadi Mokhtari


Background and aims. This survey was conducted to provide statistical data regarding publications in PubMed-indexed journals from Tabriz University of Medical Sciences Faculty of Dentistry.
Materials and methods. The database used for this study was PubMed. The search was conducted using key words including the names of the heads of the departments. Papers published between January 1, 2005 and April 31, 2012 were considered. The retrieved abstracts were reviewed and unrelated articles were excluded. Data were transferred to Microsoft Excel software for descriptive statistical analyses.
Results. A total of 158 papers matched the inclusion criteria, with the majority from the Department of Endodontics (49 articles). The highest proportion (48.3%) of papers was related to in vitro studies, followed by clinical trials, in vivo studies, and case reports. The number of publications showed a considerable increase over the studied period.
Conclusion. PubMed-indexed publications from different departments have increased steadily, suggesting that research has become an essential component in the evaluated institute.


Key words: Tabriz Faculty of Dentistry, publications, PubMed-indexed journals.

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