Solitary Peripheral Ivory Osteoma of Mandible Presenting with Difficulty in Deglutition

Kumar Nilesh, Aaditee V Vande, Suresh K Veerabhadrappa


Osteomas are benign bone tumors which arise from the cortex or medulla of craniofacial and jaw bones. They are usually asymptomatic or present as slow-growing painless masses. Larger lesions may present with aesthetic (facial asymmetry) and functional disturbances (jaw deviation, difficulty in breathing, pain, and sensory deficits). This paper highlights a case of solitary peripheral osteoma composed of a compact bony mass arising from the lower border of the mandible in an adult female patient. The lesion presented with discomfort during deglutition, which was attributed to impingement of muscles of the oral cavity floor, including the anterior belly of digastric muscle.


Jaw, osteogenic tumor, radiopaque lesion, swallowing

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