Concurrent manifestation of clinical hypodontia and blindness: a case report

Jeremiah Robert Moshy, Karpal Singh Sohal, Mark Chindia


A case is reported of a 26-year-old blind man with hypodontia and multiple apparently underdeveloped impacted teeth. The patient reported that he had progressively developed visual impairment at the age of 11 years whence he became totally blind when he turned 12 years. The aim of this report is to open an academic and professional debate on the challenges of its definitive diagnosis and appropriate intervention.Blindness is not reported in any of the previously described syndromes; therefore, concurrent manifestation of “hypodontia, blindness, failure of eruption and digital lesions†can be proposed as a syndrome. However, in the absence of genetic studies, it is difficult to characterize this case with any one of the specifically documented syndromes; therefore, academic and professional discourse is suggested with regard to appropriate intervention.


Blindness, hypodontia impacted teeth, syndrome.

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