Effect of Retreatment on the Push-out Bond Strength of MTA-based and Epoxy Resin-based Endodontic Sealers

HamidReza Yavari, Shahriar Shahi, Saeedeh Galledar, Mohammad Samiei, Maryam Janani


Background. Further studies on the adhesion properties of MTA-based materials seem necessary due to their growing use in endodontic treatment. This research aimed to assess the effect of retreatment on the bond strength of MTA-based (MTA Fillapex) and epoxy resin-based (AH Plus) sealers.
Methods. ProTaper rotary files were applied to prepare the root canals of 80 human mandibular premolars. Then, the roots were randomly divided intotwo groups of A (n=40) and B (n=40), which were obturated with gutta-percha and MTA Fillapex and AH Plus sealer, respectively. In both groups, the teeth were randomly subdivided into 2 subgroups. No retreatment was carried out in subgroups A1 and B1, while subgroups A2 and B2 were retreated with rotary files and a solvent. Then, a push-out test was performed on four 2-mm slices of each tooth at a distance of 2 mm from the coronal surface after two weeks of incubation. Data were analyzed with two-way ANOVA and statistical significance was set at P<0.05.
Results. Regardless of the procedure followed (P<0.001), significant differences were detected in the mean bond strength values between the two sealers. Irrespective of the sealer type (P=0.3), no significant differences were revealed by compar-ing the mean bond strength values of the study subgroups. Furthermore, no statistically significant interaction (P=0.5) was-found between the treatment and sealer types.
Conclusion. AH Plus sealer exhibited a higher bond strength compared to MTA Fillapex. Retreatment using rotary files and chloroform had no statistically significant effect on the bond strength of sealers evaluated in this study.


MTA Fillapex, push-out bond strength, sealer, retreatment

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